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Lindvior player returns


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As title says im old player, now i have returned and too many stuff changed.Im asking for someone to fully guide me how things work now, i have noticed some stuff like timed hunting zones etc.What are my dailies? Back in the day i would run soa daily,kartia tuna teredor epics etc.My character is now lvl101 dagger with exalted equipment and cheap epic jewels.Thanks to anyone who will bother answering to this thread.And dont tell me to leave, im determined to play and invest in official, we are expecting a remaster after all.

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rango here is a thing. 
Acctualy form of L2 off server changed dramaticly. 
Instances has changed, places and exp spot also. 
There is still things like kartia but its not effort, cuz there is new Castilla instance for lvl ~ 100, ~ 105 and ~110 (enter by npc in Aden)
Ashen and other instances are from lvl 105.

If you have old character you can pick your exalted stuff from Lionell in Heine, and start quest for next lvl of exalted, but my advice is :
You will learn new politics and way to play. At least, after awakening you get vit rune for 7days. If you catch a feeling, on this rune you can make lvl 105 and start even your dual :) with all benefits. 

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