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HI ALL, guys, what´s the better way to get CRYSTAL R-GRADE??

NPCs Sellers?

Crystallize R-grade Equipement? What Equipement more recomended?


PCs Sellers in Aden ?

obviouslly, the way less expensive


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The easiest way, it's definitely buying them from Auction House / players shops.

Before summoners used to crystallize Istina's bracelets for Crystal (R-grade), but that's not a frequent drop anymore and the crystals that it gives it's probably not worth the price.

Regarding crystallization, breaking up immortal / twilight gear is probably your best choice: boots / gloves (gives less crystals) < helmet < stockings < main armor piece (gives more crystals). Also some apocalypse weapons might be worth trying. All depends on the price you can get these / crystals that they give (you can always check the number of crystals on L2 WIKI before buying). 

A lot of people crystallized R99 (eternal) armor to obtain Crystal of Protection to upgrade their sets to Leviathan, so a lot of Crystal (R) was obtained as a byproduct of this process, but probably it's not a cheaper way of getting the Crystal (R) xD

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On 02/05/2020 at 10:51 AM, Ezulan said:

Hello guys! im return player, i got some immortal equip and seem its hard to sell on auction...no one buy it.so crystallization or something i can do with it?

thanks for readingo.O

The crystals won't be worth more than the equipment that you have, but it's usable / sellable at least ^_^

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