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What is this enchant rate???!

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hello GMs,

i know it's an old discuss but can you remind me pls about the enchant rates on the server?! from 27 bear+high belssed lucky stones, 25 ear and 12 Giant's ear i made a +8 helmet and a +4 breastplate. the funny is both starts on +6! this is insane!!! ohh i have to tell u i used +luc pot, +luc hair accessory, +luc scroll...... i spent a lot money again. NEVER EVER AGAIN!

yessss i pissed off

dear commenters: i wrote it to the GMs and not coz i care your theories what u saw on youtube or google or whatever. i want numbers! if its 5% say it i dont care, but this is madness.

let's the $h1t storm roll below

Kind Regards


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