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L2 Classic More Playable


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 So need to make classic servers more playable because it is really hard for start any character, adena drop is low and now selling some items on the store dont get any adena, craft items of D or C grade, people dont buy anymore, dont need to keep those items, and farming for 20 minutes (buff minutes) you dont gather enough adena for the SS spend, need to make like 20 SS ticket (10k SS) for each day and for free, so you can farm something, because if want to buy B or A grade, only with purchase and purchase events..., even on party cant get those items, if have and Newbie Buffer with buff for 1hr, will decrease the number of bots on the server, if you guys thinking of ways to make L2 more charcter independent will have less and less bots on servers, i'll stop saying for now, but some crucial and better change will be needed that is:

Put 20 SS ticket to pick on the L2 Store every day, is not much.... people can farm more adena to pick B, A and S grade items, so as talisman and others acessories, to make all players strong not only the spenders ones....

Raise the buff time, 20 min is nothing, so as dance and songs, make all buffs 40 min, like the warcyer boots buff... and song and dance 10 minutes, i'm sure that all players will enjoy!!

Just this 2 things will bring so much joy to the players you guys sure can imagine

I'm a BR L2 players since C2, just try to help the game to make more playable

Sry for bad english.


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