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L2 classic what iż it

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That is not easy to answer, the plan was something like this:


But something like this happened after a few month. :)



Some players learned how to code and some use scripts + bots, there is also legal auto-farm option, there is no box limit while adena and xp drop is low. Glolbal gatekeeper implemented, players with karma can use it too. There were a lot of "lottery" type event when you can buy a chance to get good items/gear with real money, some call it pay to win, but most just pay, usually 99% do not win. :)

Top gear is S grade, XP and Adena is somewhat slow. Olympiad changed to some strange system with buffs and pots. No subclasses, no noblesse, strange attribute system.

I encourage you to try it, but if you expect c4 / interlude experience ... well, good luck! :)


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