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My character has lost some sort of status, what i should do to reverse/compensate for what was lost?


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Surely, it was the kind of statement I most heard from countless players after the Salvation update.

Also on my part, which I could mention here:

In my Wynn Summoner, there was a significant decrease in casting speed.

Already in my dual healer, I lost an amount of approximately 8k MP.

As could also read reports from all other users here from the forum saying the same thing.

So how are these losses/decreases supposed to be reversed or compensated in a certain way?

a) changes from the buff of the already diversified ISS Enchanters allowed some melodies to be modified (say improved, there), as well as the nerf of the current harmonies compared to the previous version.

b) The fact that the clan feature (specialties) is distinct in three types: Base, General and Special, does it interfere greatly with status? Or should I find a specific clan for the kind of need I'm looking for.

c) Or it would be time for Pay2Win more and more to have some chance of being someone in-game.


Thanks in advance.

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The loss of casting speed is combination of new sonatas and clan skills that have no replacement in the new system. At least not that I know of.


You've lost 8k MP on your healer because the is no more fort/castle skills and in your case there was a skill that gave +30% mp passive and some regen.

As of now, changing clan might not affect your stats very much, since up to lv11 in both pve and pvp tree there is not much difference. The temporary 15 day skills are good, but only if you're already stacked, otherwise you won't see much diff.

About pay2win, that's a personal preference, but I would say that the game content in this update had became much harder to reach for 90% of the population.

Unless you p2w, you're going nowhere.

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3 hours ago, Kahwi said:

In my Wynn Summoner, there was a significant decrease in casting speed.

Really? I honestly didn't notice any decrease with or without Rudoph in light armor (Wynn EM). But I am POed about losing almost 4K mp on my hiero : /

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