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corona virus hit most region 

and a lot of people lost job or force to stay home without income

it could be few months

basically a lot of players can't afford any money to buy n coins

each country take care of their citizen to help them survive without income

this is  the time ncsoft can step up and help l2 players since 

most players at home and play game hard but can't afford ncoin to buy sayha buff scroll and ss and stuff

this is my idea u can request this to decision maker 

how about giving all account to 50 sayha buff scroll and 2 million ss or sps

or 8000-10000 ncoins to each account?

or anything u can put them together as gift to all player like bundle pack

that including few dandy ,sayha buff scroll,ss etc


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All this company cares about is your $$$. They are probably in the board room as we speak concocting some new event where they can extract money from your wallet. They know more and more people will be spending more time gaming as people begin to start teleworking.

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With the price of dollar growing up a lot in all the world, less people are going to spend money, remember not all of players have dollars in his countries, so make an event p2w is the worst idea in this moment. The trade in this moment in server is a trash, no money, no adena, nothing of nothing....

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