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New players need some help!


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Hi everyone!

Me and my friends started playing this week and we have some questions. The main thing is the choices we have to take in order to have a nice CP (we are six people).

We left the game when it was a 9 player party system and now we want to know how partys are composed. The idea is to PVE (raids, instances, etc) and some PVP eventually (not sieges, just for fun).

Another thing is the MP for nukers. We are farming and sometimes the nukers run out of mana like very fast. Sometimes don't... I really don't know why.


Thanks for reading! I'll appreciate all your answers. 

(sorry for my english, not native speaker.)

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Mp thingy is related to lags that we have now almost all the time. But anyways you will need to get a healer to recharge mp/hp. Most of the xping  is aoe which happens in timed zones. So for big groups of mobs you will need tank and aoe dd's.

So for 6 ppl you will need:

  • Archer (gh are the best these days)
  • Nuker (storm screamer i believe)
  • Tank (not sure, maybe phoenix knight or evas templar)
  • Healer (evas saint?)
  • Iss (doomcryer?)
  • Any other dd (can be another archer or nuker).

Anyone can correct if i am wrong.

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