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Thanks for the update 

We have not heard back yet from the Dev team on all the issues brought up in this thread. I have bumped the email again and have added some additional requests, but we will let you know ASAP when we get an update back on these issues from Dev.


Can you please make an updated post or something cataloging/listing what was sent to the Devs? I followed the post, but after 11 pages its gotten overwhelming.


1.  One of the main concerns I've had for months since the Kamael update was the loss of the ability to CANCEL buffs on a raid boss.  Currently you cannot cancel any buffs given to a boss..but you can CLEANSE all the debuffs put on it.  Game mechanics that should have been addressed 6 months ago.


2.  The ability of one toon to do most dmg on a raid boss and effectively nerf a boss like Zaken, and win over a CC's total dmg... doesn't make any sense.  The request to bring lower lvl epics to lvl 80 or 82.... but still game mechanics!...


Thanks in advance for your attention!  Hope to see the updated list sent to the devs. 



l2 Classic/ Talking Island

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