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Novice Adventurer's Bracelet


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All of the Novice Adventurer's items(Shirt/Belt/Bracelet) were barely added to the Daily Mission rewards for Grand Crusade https://l2wiki.com/Daily_Missions  ... unfortunately the Daily Mission Interface was re-worked into the Clan Quest interface for Salvation... so they are no longer available. [under the 3 Quests for ToI it says Novice Adventurer's Bracelet was Level 47 reward... https://l2wiki.com/Bracelets#Related_Quests )

since the Daily Mission rewards included (bound)Steel-Door Weapons/Armor and tradeable Shirt/Belt/Bracelet for each Grade as you leveled, your best/cheapest option is https://l2wiki.com/Bracelet_of_Insolence B-Grade 4-slot which should be fine for Level 52-99ish, when you can start leveling an Aria's Bracelet.

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There's also something that people forgot about it, the Pailaka series at 49 (c-grade weapon), 61 (2 slot talisman) and 73 (a-grade shirt). If you want an easy bracelet but not as good you can do Pailaka at level 61-67, starting in Giran. It's really easy to do in 10 minutes or so and you get a talisman 2 slots. The quest is: https://l2wiki.com/Pailaka_-_Devil's_Legacy

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