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Lineage II NA just turned 16

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As I was working on leveling my oldest character last night, an automatic mail surprised me when it wished me a happy birthday. Sure enough... it's been 16 years since L2 launched its beta in North America: 


The game officially released a month later, but all beta characters carried over. I remember needing to use a login macro to get connected, because that server was getting absolutely pounded. Good times. 

Anyone else still have their launch characters? 

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closed beta actually started in late 2003 ;)

still got 3 accounts from those days and my main managed to keep his name intact through all the server mergers/transfers

Barts -> Kain -> Aria (Kain+Leona merger) -> Devianne -> Teon -> Naia (merger Teon Luna Franz) -> Chronos -> Chronos (Zaken merger)

have to say that the current crap server performance for such a long time is driving me away and that's saying something after playing for 17+ years

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