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Bug with a "Spike" skill from bounty hunter dwarv.


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I want to report a problem with skill from dwarves. 

This is a description of skill: For 20 min., adds a spike to a blunt weapon to get P. Atk. +10%. Additionally, Stun Atk. Rate +15%.

When i use a one handed blunt weapon everything is ok.

1) Stats without Spike skill on 1h Blunt weapon:


2) Stats with ACTIVE Sike skill on 1h blunt weapon:


3) Stats with 2h blunt weapon without spike skill:


4) Stats with 2h blunt weapon with Spike skill ON:



As you can see on the screens Spike skill dosent work correctly on 2h blunt weapons. I test it at diffrent weapons and characters. It is very big diffrence for ppl who playing spoil or another characters who use 2h blunt like me and we cannot use that very important skill ( it should add 10% p.atak wehen using blunt so its a lot.). 

I will be grateful for your consideration.

Best Regards.


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