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Little reminder, for big problem.


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It seems to be software external to the company! what are you going to do, bot targeting all ppl to Aden. My mailbox is full and pollute by publicity, which i don't want.This may not be the priority for the moment but obviously to be taken into consideration and without indulgence.

1. It is not against the User Agreement to multibox the Lineage II game client. However, it is not something we officially support either, so any issues that arise from multiboxing the client, our Technical Support Team won't be able to assist with. The only concern with multiboxing is if third party software was used or any of the normal playing behavior is automated (Bot). This is a violation of the User Agreement and can lead to the account being closed.
2. Thank you for reporting this incident. We are in the process of investigating these accounts. No action has been taken yet as it can take a few days to gather the necessary evidence but rest assured that we are committed to removing any account breaking the rules from our game.
3. The client allows up to 3 instances (different accounts) on a single computer as long as there are no add-ons, third party apps or programs running in the background that provide unfair advantage over others and/or fully automate gameplay such as damage increase hacks, speedhacks, auto-target hacks, bot programs, etc. as they violate our Terms of Service.

Thank you for taking into consideration .

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