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where to exp after level 105

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fantastic    0

hi there

returning player,just hit 105

not sure how to exp after ,what daily is must 

and where I can grind,if u are 105 feoh with decent gear 

thx in advance

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Free2play    43

Hi there and welcome back! If you have an ISS box, i assume you still on exalted lvl 3 or 4, so go 24/7 in Hellbound or Phantasmal Ridge. You can hit 107 in a month with current Server xp b00sts. Dailies you can try Kastia ( it's like kartia solo) try the 105 lvl , and next day you can try 110 if you have good gear. 

Coal mines instance  ( 1 hour) + Recharge stones, is the best place to XP. ( Insane xp / no drops ) . Some people entered 105.99 and in 4-5 hours hit 107 with full xp b00sts and 5 recharge stones. 

Not sure what you mean by decent gear, so all 103 to 105 zones should be your playground. Unless you have lvl 1 Jewels, +18 Weapon don't bother with 107 Zones as your kill time will be slow and you get xp penalty on higher lvl mobs. 


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