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ISS macro with pet


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So if I assume correctly, your DD is out of your buffing range and you don't want iss to take DDs XP.. it might be easier for you to make a dominator and put it in the same clan as the dd, so you can cast buffs out of party. However, if you want to use a regular ISS you may want to learn rune-stone skills like for example Trio Sonata

I'd try with:

1. /target dd

2. /target dd

3. /delay X (X is the number of seconds it takes your ISS to get in DDs range)

4. /useskill Fantasia Harmony

5. /useskill Trio Sonata

6. /useskill Melody1

7. /useskill Melody2

8. /useskill Melody3

9. /useskill Melody4

10. /target <pet>

11. /target <pet>

12. /delay 250

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