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lvl 110 Tank changing to Dagger or Yul Class

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I went dagger, solely because of my play style and my social style. It's also generally easier to solo an Othell than Yul due to MP constraints.


I would recommend Yul if you have the adena for gears. You'll be in demand for aoe groups and if you do manage to fit it out nicely you have the ability to pull two camps on isle of souls np.


PvP, Yull all the way. You can stand back with your group near your healers and do all your damage from range. Othell is glass when no cooldowns available and must penetrate lines and put themselves at risk. Othell is arguably a better PK tho. Oly - well if ranking says anything, the very few Othell in the top 50 says enough. Buffs to Othell coming in new patch but nothing particularly relevant.

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