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As the title says, fix finally the server!! 

Tyrrs and evis are useless at this moment!!

Almost three months and despite all the actions you took, still no solution!! Not even a bit better than before (machine upgrade, less mobs, etc..)

Personally, I prefer NCteam to shut down the server for 2-3 weeks and WORK on it and find a REAL SOLUTION on it, rather than what is happening now.

Thanks for your time!!

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My point is... the friday's upgrade did work.. It just look like that didn't solve all the problems, as you said.
But, it did fix a lot of issues. I was having DC after DC, all the time, all day long.
And BS was impossible to lvl mentees.
Now I don't have this problems anymore.

And what are your issues? You forgot to mention them

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8 minutes ago, FatalDeath said:

@OutrangeouS Yes, i forgot summoners

@LordDragnil In the start was weird, now I got used to it! It doesn't affect the gameplay, as the above things

From the beginning, the additional panel was the 5th bar. At this moment, it's always the 4th bar. It really annoys that every login I have to configure it.

That's bug I meant.

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We are going on 8 months with no fix at all. You have this Exp event going on which is awesome, but yet I'm trying to exp and in my normal spot I can't which I could 2 months ago before the lag was this bad.  I've upgrade my gear from +8 Blessed r99 light to +10 Bloody R99, got 7 Signs, Abundance, and more yet I can't do my normal area.. I've been leveling up mentee's for the +12 Atlas last 2 months because I can't exp.  But you put more and more exp events and I have to hunt in lower level area than I should be in because of melee lag and I'm suppose to be happy?  I'm suppose to buy more NC Coin to support your company when you can't fix your own game servers?  No you don't reward bad behavior or bad work ethics with more money.  FIX YOUR SERVERS then we'll spend more money!  Give us the appearance outfits other regions have.  TO be honest I'm ready to go to EU and play on their servers they have SOO much more than we do, they have so many more events than we do.  For this #STAYATHOME they got a free exp pack.. What did we get? Laid off jobs and NC Soft putting more products up for sale on their NC Soft store?  4game gave away free in game items while you want more of our money with servers that are broke?

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