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How long has Lineage 2 been reworked into a game that seemed complete to  a game that feels incomplete and abandoned by the developers?

Multiple posts have been raised because the issue of the hunting zones, only having to chose between 2 zones if you have no gear or from the 2 zones of higher level in case you have gear.

Before you were able to chose from dozens of zones at the later levels and some zones were wort to fight for (raise war against clans or even having a internal struggle in a clan), but now its gone and you get the feeling of being trapped in a hunting zone with the 70% of the server fighting for the same mobs.

Before there were multiple raids that you could enjoy with randoms and obtain a reward, now the raids have been protected to be farmed by 1 dude that can log multiple accounts.

Before you could properly see you character grow, obtain gear in a gradual way and learn skills to optimize your character for pvp, now it's about obtaining a weapon that someone had either to spend 500 dollars or exploit some bug, see how multiple players are unable to learn all their skills because you added a stupid wall called Rune Stone and pvp? unless you add some kind of instance where everyone has the same stats, the current pvp is who has the bigger wallet.

Before we had a complete crafting/spoil system that was reworked into trash after awakening and now is a bad joke farming 200 days to craft 1 weapon at a 60% rate? why not just delete the dwarf race.

But even if we currently accept the pvp system we have today,  or the new ways of leveling and ignore the multiple issues, where is the game after you obtain the most broken gear or obtain level 120? with whom do we compete? with whom do we actually play the game? where is the joy?

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They have multiple and multiple gamelife troubles but they always are continuing in their kamikaze way. Their business model is already destroyed the real population, and are continuing to destroy more and more the presents people by extremely hard gamelife and doesnt listen anything.


When they will see logged ppl like only fouhouh, peppinio, executer, and company, they have done strike.


These people will play only between them and will annoying, then they will abandon too.



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The best way is game balanced difficults, micro transactions of TOUHSANDs ppl that will buy real stuff usefull, compete between others, no success rates % scams (events, scrolls, enchants, skills, for god sake, STOP THIS STUPID STORY OF "RANDOM KOREA %". CHANGE IT IS NOT GOOD AND PPL WILL NOT SPEND!!!

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If you have started game recently there is no chance in competing with players that have been in this server for decade it's something that you must accept. 

If you are tired of playing the game solo like 99% of people try to find like minded people and make a CP. And enjoy interaction with actual people. If that isn't going to help just quit the game because nothing will ever change

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