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today impossible to play normally log in and i have like 9000 ping see scenery changes like every 30s so its like slow slide show. and its probably not only me plz try to fix it :). even nc launcher starts from second on third time guys whats happened ?

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Guys, as JuJi told us.... servers are running at max capacity. That mean they have nothing left to do to improve performance. It is what it is....take it or leave it.

There are some thing that players can do during those pandemic hard times...but we need solidarity and im affraid its imposible:
1. All ppl should change to Lower detail,
2. All ppl should change visibility PC/NPC/Mobs to 30%,
3. All ppl should stop bypass 3 clients/pc,
4. Cheaters should stop using 3rd party software,
5. All ppl should stop open 3 L2 windows/pc and try to play in party or with 2 L2 windows.
6. If its possible try to upgrade pc&internet connection.

I think this time they did/took all human possible actions...simply put, we are too many.

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