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Feoh Macro Template


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Hello fellow Istari,

I post the in game macro i use for feoh

/useskillstand Mass Ruin
/useskillstand Updraft Destruction
/useskill Battle Rhapsody (1)
/useskillstand Elemental Burst
/useskillstand Elemental Storm
/useskill Shadow Snare
/useskillstand Arcane Comet Strike
/useskillstand Updraft Destruction
/useskill Power of Abundance (2)
/useskillstand Elemental Burst
/useskillstand Elemental Storm
/useskill Tanzanite - Barrier (3)

It is optimized for AoE farm (with or w/e Eva's) and i prefer using /useskillstand so i don't move at all from spot. When u use stand option always check that u use Next target (short distance) cause skills have 800 range and long next target 900 so u might find yourself frozen. 

I use an interval skill between Destruction and Burst. Helps a lot cause many times the burst skill has delay to pop up. It works much better for me for a lot of reasons.

You may change 1-2-3 to BtM / Rebirth (cloak/agath) / Stance switching or w/e serves you better.

Hope this helps!




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