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57 minutes ago, Bathgate said:

Revisiting after a long hiatus and quite surprised to see the amount of forum activity on the original servers. Has there been a resurgence? Debating whether to roll on classic or jump on my old toon.

i'm in a similar boat.  i came back to play classic about 4-5 months ago, got to 81, then left and came back to retail on my old toon because classic is a hot mess right now.  its nothing like "old l2" aside from having 32 classes, 9 man parties and the old d-s gear.

id recommend playing retail, but both will get content updates soon id assume. retail should be in a few weeks.

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what we can see from Korean Lineage2 developers is that they realized that they bleeped up somewhere after GOD update and there is no way back so they are focusing more on classic servers (for them its main ones) like releasing new original content etc and at much faster rate than in awakened ones(our normal servers). they sto do some updates and balance things (like upcoming tyrr warrior balance thing in here) but at slower passe. also if you play melee class we have auto attack lags for few month now and gms still cant fix it so bad news for you :(. So on one side you have classic who is becoming new game on its on like post above said and we dont know where it goes in 1-2 years. on the other side its our current servers who are going downhill but it is for some time already and we kinda accepted it and now its kinda comfortable to play it the way it is.

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