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How to have full control on prices of several items


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Simple, put the items you want to sell in AH for insane unreasonable price and congratulation. 

The market recently is unbearable and i'm about to explode from what is happening there.

since 2 months, i have been shouting and looking for some items for my characters, (dyes,codex,armor set, attribute, Scrolls, pve stones and many many).

i know the prices change from time to time due to different circumstances but there is always a limit.

what i noticed recently is whenever i shout for item and someone pm (offer plz) i give him a price, but basically he doesn't have a certain price in his mind so what happens?

Yes and of course, go AH and check item price. what is the result? taking the AH prices as official reference for anything you want to sell or buy. 

i think we should have all game items in L2 store no matter how NC costs. mybe this will lead to clean game from some people we don't need :) 

excuse my English and if somebody wants to sell something for good price, i'm available  ^>^

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I agree that there should be more essential items in the NPC stores. But I wouldn't put all items in the store. I feel strongly that just about every item that isn't in the store should be obtainable either through solo quests or craft. EVERYTHING, including past promotion items like Zodiac Agathions and Dragon upgrade stones. You worry that we are at the mercy of unfair player-driven market practices. I worry that we are at the mercy of both NCSoft AND price gouging players. The only way to bring true balance to the market is to put checks on both causes. But it will never happen. The profit incentive, both in-game and IRL, is too great.

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