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Cant create NCsoft account/Character


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Hello guys! i been digging around forum to find what happent to creating Ncsoft account and character but all are old news. so far i cant create NCsoft account it said( Account Creation Failed. You are not authorized to create an account) and when i log in game with my exited account i canty create new character too ...whats going on here. im not from the list "blocked countries" i reinstall my firefox then IE then chrome but nothings change still got a big FAILED. maybe someone know somethings i dont ? pleaese help

Appreciate and thanks in advance, have a great days guys

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9 minutes ago, smakepz said:

In my end I can't create a character, it says to delete existing ones while I am new to the game and the account is fresh itself.

found it in general live discussion , cant create character untill 4/15 "they said" but cant understand why cant create NC account ;((

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> Play Lineage 2 years ago when it first came out.
> Video on Youtube pops up about it recently
> Decide I'll log in, see if any of me chars are still there or what it's like these days
> No chars, can't create one.
> Didn't know about the login event. Why would you create a login event if you don't have the server capacity for it
> Can't even make a char

Welp, guess I'll uninstall? The urge will probably pass by the 15th. =T

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On 10/04/2020 at 11:56 PM, Juji said:

Hello All,

The Live servers are experiencing login queues since we have reached max server capacity on both Chronos and Naia. Therefore, character creation will be temporarily disabled on 4/10 and will be enabled again after the maintenance on 4/15.

Thank you for your patience!



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