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Restitution for Fortune Seekers.


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The title says pretty much everything. I want restitution from NCsoft for ultimately bricking my class and changing the dynamic from adena generator to a hollowed out Othell...


I was making upward to 1.5 billion adena a day including spoils, timed zones and no recharge stones, prior to winter patch... Now I'm lucky to pull that a week just general hunting. Don't get me wrong, I can easily pull over 2b a day if I'm buying Ncoin and IoS recharge stones but honestly whats the f-ing point? I have to spend Ncoin or 175m (average) each recharge stone to get there. Where Yuls geared similarly to myself just buy it all with adena because they farm more efficiently than any other class... and if they have an activated dragon or blood weapon? Forget about it. That yul is pulling close to 10b a day if not more.. That's INCLUDING IoS recharge stones purchased with adena.


In pvp you're literal garbage unless you're outgearing your opponents by miles.. and even then it's a matter of time before you're felled. Can't just /nexttarget aoe, /nexttarget aoe, /nexttarget aoe because you know, don't want to make any one class the entire server dynamic.. 9_9


Genuinely just thinking of hanging up my towel. Dwarf classes have went from mildly useful to just about worthless.. Changes are coming but really, is it even going to make a difference? I won't be in demand just because I have a coin buff.. top groups will just level their own OFS to 105 and drag it around. Because why fill that important group slot with a trash class like an Othell unless it's already a melee group and lets be real here.. nobody is running melee strong CPs.

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100% agreed. There are so many useless classes compared to yulls.

Even feohs cant really compare.

Translate your text to Korean and send it to Devs team, NCW is just a (bad) retailer... no one will give jack sh11t.



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