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Skill Enchant Routes

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Maphr    0

Hello everyone,

I have recently started to play L2 again, after a LONG period of time and I have a few questions about enchanting some of my skills. I'm an ISS Hierophant, level 105 and I'm interested to improve on my PVE playstyle. I would like to start enchanting some of my skills and I think the best starting point would be with the debuffs. Let's discuss about Crippling attack / Assault Crash which have the same enchant route options:

  • +Power (for +1 adds 1% to the skill Power)
    • a) for example the Crippling attack states that it attacks target with 29681 Power added to P.Attack. Adding +1 means that now you will attack the target with 29978?
    • b) when enchanting to +2, I assume it adds +1% more Power, but how it's being calculated? Is it 29681+2%=30275 Power, or 29681+1%(29978)+1%=30278 Power?
    • c) basically by choosing this route you will only increase the initial single damage produced by the skill, as in summing up my P.Attack with the Power of the skill?


  • +Break (for +1 increases Power of ignoring target's P.Def by 1%)
    • a) when enchanting to +1, does it mean that the initial damage produced by using the skill will be greater, since the target has P.Def lowered by 1%?
    • b) does the lowered P.Def effect also apply for the entire period of skill effect? I mean for all the other party members who are dealing physical damage, will they also have increased damage while the debuff is active due to the target's lower P.Def?


  • +Chance (for +1 increases skill success rate +1%)
    • a) this means I will have better chances to land my debuff? For PVE purposes, I noticed that both skills land successfully on the majority of time on regular mobs. No clue about raids however.
    • b) I'm assuming this route is more suitable for PVP purposes?

Last but not least, what is the upper limit for enchanting your skills? Still +20?


Thank you very much for taking the time and interest on this topic! ^_^


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