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Account Creation Failed

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Hello guys, since I got zero help from NC team with "Account creation failed. You are not authorized to create an account." Im curious if somebody have that problem too, or better if somebody could solve that by self. ;) I created acc maybe +- month ago with no problem... than I tried create next one even on mobile phone, other pc, other provider and still no success... Same text. >:( So I thought NC Soft Team could help me once, even I included in my message I tried different browser etc, NC Soft Team writed me to do that :S

"We have reviewed your issue, and it appears that your attempts are being blocked by our system due to security measures we have in place. While we are unable to override these restrictions, we do have some suggestions that have helped other users that you can try:

-Use a different Internet browser

-Make sure that Javascript is enabled

-If you are using a VPN/proxy, disable the service

-Verify that the device timezone is properly set for your location

-Take your time filling out the form

-If you have had too many failed attempts, wait 24 hours before making another attempt 

Please understand that if you're unable to resolve your issue with the above suggestions, then I'm afraid you wont be able to create an account. Again, we are unable to override these restrictions." :S

If somebody have some idea or sollution that works, I would be glad for every idea!

Thanks for your time.

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