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43 minutes ago, b0uff0s said:

just like an expensive idle-clicker or mobile game isn't it?

Seems like the game is centered and designed around maybe 10-20 uber whales.  Im sure if stuff was reasonably priced with reasonable results they would make much more money and have a happier community.

Im all for them making this game one giant idler game, just theres no loot so the botting they put into the game is just to watch one bar very slowly rise, which is fine if im getting cool drops along the way.  I think they forgot how to make a game that is fun and would just rather chase a handful of whales. Rumors of an L2 remastered brought me here but what im seeing from NCsoft is that they decided to double down on being a webzen tier company vs a gaming company, since I last dealt with them at least its gotten much worse.  I forsee the remaster either never really making it to the west due to lack of care, or arriving as an abusive cash shop medium for whale spenders like it currently is.  Interest is declining.

Why not just hire one of the many illegal server people who  seem to have a passion about the game and understand what the western markets want? NCwest lacks passion for their games imo.

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