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GK 106 returning to main class


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Hi guys, just wondering if the lag is going to ever stop? Started lvling my dual class archer witch is lvl 110 now. I have not leveled my main now for over a year, not even sure where to hunt solo now :( My gear is prolly mid level, and should i trade my Archers +14 Limited bow at the next red libra?.....Im rocking a +7 bloody fist atm :(..Any infor would be helpful.  Thanks

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I'm evi so I know the struggle with melee attackers... I won't play my main anymore because of how bad it is atm. Honestly, I don't intend on playing main class until it's fixed, our classes are just too frustrating to play at the moment. I wouldn't advise you to spend aenas on rl money on your gk. However, you can probably level up to 108 without too much problem with your current gear. It just won't be quick. You should try tanor (non aggro side), or ivory crater. They're fairly easy for a single target mid gear character

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