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Enough is Enough -Please let us transfer to Core

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Whilst our server is working so badly I visited Core. I couldnt believe how advanced they are compared to us bearing in mind they started so long after Naia/Luna. 30 day vita maintain runes, Event with Dragon Weapons dropping like mad and much more. Prices on all items just so much more realistic examples : +5 Dragon Rind Shirt 25b, Dragon Claws 10b, Rulers Authority 25b and it goes on.

I know it can be done because I remember it being done before, can we now be allowed to transfer our chars to Core, I for one have had enough of no customer service, lag and dc's.

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NCWest = NC Korea subsidiary

Innova 4Game = License holder (Franchise)

two complete different companies, the only way this would happen is when NCWest/NC Korea decides to terminate Lineage2 NA servers and sell the data to Innova - this also requires Innova willing to buy said data and why would they really when they will make way more money of all ppl having to find new L2 server to play on aka start from lvl1 & requiring all kinds of boosts etc. to rebuild their lost chars


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