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ISS Enchanter PVE Boost

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MrE    6

Not sure if this thread has been beaten to death but ISS need a HUGE PVE Buff. Damage dealers can 1 and 2 shot mobs, they don't need support as they can simply pop pots (or buff themselves because EVERYONE has buffs now) and then solo to victory, where as our damage is not very good. I'm 109, my gear is very good.. I'm built for max PVE damage and I cant hold a candle to a DD. This means no one will take you to storm and farm WITH you because they can all do it themselves and make double the money. When clannies party with you, it's out of pitty and because they need us for PVP. While strong in mass pvp, it doesn't matter if we can't level ourselves like EVERYONE ELSE can.  It's such a simple fix, give us a PVE damage boost, either by a toggle or simply a passive. it's such an EASY fix. Why do DD's get buffs, NC soft literally gave everyone the skills that made enchanters useful, if you're going to give them buffs, give us their skills or boost our damage!! Or at the very least put our PVE damage on par with theirs.  

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Brafrod    4

This!!  Well said  , there was a time I could solo if I chose to.  It might not have been as fast, but it was not a waste of time. 

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