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Single target "hate" and "lightning strike"


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The tanks are mostly the same the only difference are th ecubics and the aura on lv 101.
but the SK still have like all other tanks singel target aggresion skill calles "shield boomerrang".
Singel target para skill is merged with into "vanishing stun" skill, the effect is chance on use


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Thx gottWillEs for the support, I understand that but the change itself is not good at all...

Furthermore what is the deal with all these runestones, they are hard to get or farm.
You need so many of them, I remember back then it was a higher chance to get them and less for the skills.

Now due to the atlas earring, I think I should stay SK right?

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wich tank you want to be only you didicde. at all SK is still the tank to make the party max DPS.
i am not sure If pala + hellknight is realy played for pve / pvp becouse the best Tank for PVP is from what i know ET becouse he give top def stats.
Rune stones yea the situation is fuked up. they are hard to recive or farm they changed in the past updates the droprate and framable quest for this item.

Anyways the realy is you need them and they are hard to get ( or expensiv)

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