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Im a returning player looking to either recruit a leveling party or be recruited into a clan party. i currently have a lv 60 recharger with most buffs, 62 elf summoner (main) still got 20 days on cash shop +10 full tallum robe set and a paladin 62 with 20 days left on  cash shop weapons full b grade. i should be able to push for 70 alone but id rather find a group to play with or atleast a couple dedicated people for the next couple weeks so we can power farm as long as possible, i played at launch and was around for about three months, i got 55 and full c grade but ended up moving to black desert online when that came out, im in a top end guild on bdo console and i have siege wars every sat at 5-10pm pst,  im interested in castle sieges in this game too but i gotta get good. i can micromanage my game 12-16 hrs a day let me get up in yo cp. i have my own lv 3 guild, if you are a solo player looking for someone to lv with or a cp needing something i got hmu. otherwise ill be farming like always. desperatetimes, logoutgg, lookingatu are my accounts 100% legit only in game macros. willing to help newer players and reliable people catch up, have a couple alts i wouldnt mind lvling up a bit. but i do want to focus on progressing my main pty. discord xxxharambae#1797 PST,  SEND MAIL IN GAME IF DISCORD ISNT FAST ENOUGH. if it matters i was a day one carebear... lol

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