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Quality of Life Changes & Events for Lineage II Classic

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21 hours ago, factotum said:

i would agree that in server this old with so much end game content its weird we still have no fast level to 70...

So much end game content? LoL like the one castle we have? The few higher level RBs that are killed within minutes of spawning? The leveling areas that require you to be in full OEed S grade? Right now the only end game content is botting or autohunting for 164 or so hours a week in areas you're over leveled for...


6 hours ago, Frenzy said:


Please consider adding cursed bones to L2 shop which can be purchased with adena or L2 coin. Most of the necros on the server aren't using the skill because it is expensive (farming with blaze or CDL) and new players aren't making this character anymore. Or consider bringing back the summon cursed bones skill. Thank you.

Funny I have over a hundred thousand or so curse bones that just won't sell for 50a each...

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For be playable and friendly with new ppl and with high lvl i think we need this change: 1) attendance event -> make it forever, a part of game, give a good boost exp, item ss etc 2) tota

@Juji Gavlomaxos here!!!! Please consider making the world raid bosses (which you now, correctly made 85 lvl) PVP area.....so that the strongest alliance can farm them....otherwise again 1,2,3 guys wi

Hello All, First, we’d like to thank you for your continued feedback; the feedback is important for us to influence the necessary changes to our game. We have made progress with the quality of li

@Juji    Hey. Can you please add a way to get transform extract scrolls. So people can extract / sell / transfer transform around.  And also would be nice if dragon pendants could be transferred or made tradable so people can reroll if wanted to give for life to the game?

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The war system must change. Since clans can drop a war so fast now, the penalty for it should be way more than loosing 500 rep points. Points mean nothing. Either increase the points we would lose by much, or add some kind of crippling penalty that will actually make the players prefer to keep the wars up instead of stopping them.

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I have great idea the limited time store menu in l2coin store you should put proof of bloods blood crystals cloths non tradable for cloths for limited time.  I am sure there are other things you could put in there too like have different items every week or so.

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Transform sealbooks (standard/high-grade) in L coin store would be great for a reasonable price (~20-30 coins). Events that give not only advanced stable but also stable enchants and not only A S grade but starting from C grade. Giving out only advanced stable enchants puts everyone who don't have +7 gear in great disadvantage.

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  • Auto-Loot. Not just pickup. I believe this was implemented on live? Make it an option. 
  • Make fishing useful again. You still get a fishing rod as a vip gift and it's become so useless literally no one fishes anymore. Giran Harbor completely empty. 
  • starter packs per character perhaps or bring back timed weapons in store. 

Lower Levels In General

C-Grade and lower grade is still useful. You can't even modestly get lower grade gear because the drop rate is so bad across the board. Not even worth crafting. Removed mats from clan coins. Made mats 0 adena. Way this server works is getting crumbs from VIP 10 players. Adena becomes premium and buy whole drops they get from VIP because again crafting/spoiling/drop rate is so bad. Spellbooks are also lower level. Getting to 70+ is still a chore. Only if you box full parties and can leave your pc on 24/7 then it's "easy". 

You designed from the start to push people to end game as evident from skipping to 20 and removing all pre-20 content. You might as well continue to push to minimum 70. Nerf TOI 1-3 or something along that line. It's palpable to see new players quit this game by 50 or so and the design is absolutely terrible for retaining any new players. There is enough of a roadblock from 80+/A-grade+ that I think it's reasonable to bump lower levels a bit. Waiting to see the crafting changes.


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3 hours ago, E_Sq_Si_Eba_Maikata said:

we need back Ancient Adena and Master Toma !

or put it in l2 coin store. Why is l2 coin store so empty put more things that will help low and mid player and also high player.

Also put more functions for auto hunt so its better then the bots. Bot problem solved. 

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The game is tough, P2W is the only way.

Do you want changes? Stop buying NCoin. Do NCSoft want players to buy Ncoin and support the game? Support the players.

We as players, and NCSoft as the "supporter", should aim and focus on the start of changes. Where, to achieve what the community consider the best, would start from?

I would think of:

  1. Adena should flow/run/circle between players not from L2Coin / Adena Shop. An example would be to bring back soulshot craft (And I dont mean to remove soulshot tickets, keep it, why not, let the players decide whom to buy shots from);
  2. Give us the quests back, auto-hunt dont talk to NPCs;
  3. Giran town is full of sell/sell packages/buy, where are the crafters? Do I have to box a warsmith to craft an Avadon Breastplate?
  4. Players should be able to earn adena selling drops to NPCs. No adena from "trash" drops is ridiculous. This only increases the use of bots as drop of adena / adena / adena is all that matters;
  5. Bots dont even need to be banned, add an anti-cheat | anti-bot engine to the launcher. Unless NCWest depends on the Korean (NCEast?) to add something like this and have theyr "hands tied" an easy "check if process is running" could prevent L2.bin to be exececuted if some another process is already running. Which leads to the 4th;
  6. Change your thid-party police. Even if it obvious that Ruins of Agony is full of buffer running around always the same path, on NC eyes: "Can a player leave a toon in some spot and after a while go to grocer, sell, teleport and run back to the same spot, while having another toon running to another place to buff another toon?" If a "human" can do that you are safe, is not considered a bot. (To summarize you can teleport, alt+tab click very far way to move whie running a macro to target a third toon(as macroos are repeatables), alt+tab back again and keep selling your stuff.... well you just did the same the bot did). 

There is a lot of content missing on this version, we all know. Forums are read, party matching now  showing Active Party 623, Number of people: 3179 (maybe 600 players 5 boxes each?).

The goal should be:

  1. To achieve what the community love about the game, where to start from?
  2. Is it worth to try to start from any place or we just stand by and wait for the closure?

Maybe going one-by-one we can get there! 

Best regards (sorry for misspelled english)

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Suggestions for next lootbox promotion
Cloth piece in box 1x/5x like from some other box before
Glittering varnish in lootbox
Mystery transform random in lootbox
Random rare/legendary/mythic sb in lootbox
+10 accessories in lootbox
+8 adena/eva talisman in lootbox
Many good enchants in lootbox with good chances

It's not fair that players who joined need to wait 3 months for proper event to get those items to be competitive in pvp, this is ridiculous. Server is old enough.

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@Juji please consider changing the bracelet of duty lv 5 and lv 6 to open 5 and 6 talismans slots respectively, not Worth to use the talisman bracelet lv6 from event only for the slots while you lose the +1 of each status just because of 3 more slots.

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Fix the BOTS problem that is ruining the game in the area like Ruins of Agony, Abandoned Camp and others. The Auto-Hunting system is making way for there to be a lot of BOT in those areas and not allowing others to farm. They should remove Auto-Hunting or enable it for level 75 or higher.

And also, greater oversight by GMs. That the GM enter the servers "Giran" or Talkien Islan "and go to this area to ban these people who ruin the game. With just 1 hour every day this problem would be solved.

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37 minutes ago, Play2own said:

Any idea when the next round of Quality of Life changes will be coming? @Juji

We have more quality of life changes coming in the next content update.

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@Juji any News about cloth pieces not dropping from zaken anymore? since baium should be dropping and wasn't at the older patch,  and bcuz there's no other reliable source than 0.0000000001 % mobs of varkas / ketra, its ridiculous that turned into loot boxes prize, a thing that is extremely necessary in game.

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