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16th anniversary items


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I saw in the patchnotes that our old characters will have some reward depending on their "age".

@Hime @Juji I would like to have some precisions  :

1/ are these rewards cumulative ? I mean if my character is 15 years old will i be able to get 15 years reward, 14 years reward, 13 years reward... 

2/ will i be able to transfer this stuff to another character on my account ?

If i love the idea of giving dedicated stuff to our "legacy" char, i think that many players here had to create new characters cause our original(s) one(s), without paulina gear, were unable to progress anymore. 

Wouldn't be a way to make paulina available to anyone ? Or transferable through dimensional marchants ?

Could be Nice to get some real use of every old character

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1) The last time we had such an event the rewards were cumulative

2) I just checked the "Sujin Transformation Stick" I got last time (11 year rewards) and that one is sharable via Dimensional Merchants. (I also checked a couple of other rewards, and they also had the "can share within account" note in the item description - not sure if it's true for all items though)

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Ok i looked ingame :

1/ You can claim all items nice

2/ more than half of them are character locked even through dimensional transfer.

As i told before while it's nice to have rewards on old characters it's pretty sad to have those items locked on a character who can't evolve cause he's 63 and wearing a grade...

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