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Known Issues: Dawn of Heroes - 05.27.2020 (Live)

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Juji    856

This is an updated Known Issues thread. If you do not see an issue listed here, don't be alarmed. We are still working though and adding information to this thread. If you are still experiencing the resolved issues, be sure to restart your client and update via the launcher. Some issues may take longer to resolve as it may require a patch.

Known Issues

  • 16th Anniversary Aden Treasure Chests were not removed properly after the maintenance. They will be deleted on 6/3.
  • Fafurion raid entrance has an issue where you can fall into an unreachable area.
  • Nornil's Garden (Spicula Raid) has been temporarily disabled due to terrain issues.
  • Plunderous Plains hunting zone was changed to a level 110 area. We are investigating with Dev why this change was not in our patch notes.
  • Freezing Flame skill is not landing critical hits.
  • Peace skill is not functioning properly.
  • Enchant Points are showing up as Negative with Homunculus.
  • Clan Rep. appears lower on several clan missions and vitality tonics appear to be missing.
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