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I'm completely lost.
An hour ago I asked how many accounts can be enabled on one computer at a time. I thought 3. And here you write something about 7?

Where can I find official information on how many accounts I can have on one PC at the same time?

I'm sorry but I'm a new player and I'm really lost. o.O

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How do u loging 7 accounts?

Launcher lets you add 5.

When you create 6th account it tells you:

Account Creation Failed.
You are not authorized to create an account.

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What a ninja imba hardcore nerf.... jesus christ. What's wrong with you!?!?!?

Not that I dont see why you trying to implement that but it would really be nice to get to know these things up front. We trying to survive in this game against Bots and find ways to do so. Do powerlvl groups, get cata groups or single adena farmers. And we invest time, money and passion in lvling all these chars and all of a suddon you come here and say 7 account limit.... seriously!?!?

It was totally fine back at the start of this classic server. 3 accounts per pc. You knew what you had to deal with but coming up with changes that serious out of the blue is just a very lame move of you NC Soft. Thank you for that waste of time NC....

Ppl will find out ways to bypass that restriction and all you won with that change is made the bots even stronger... Same thing would have happened if you didnt reimplement auto farm last server fail update.

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im ok with 7 account, its not like with or without that ur gonna stop the bots also i preffer this than log all the accounts u can . Not everyone have a super computer or an entire army of chars and i know a few people who can fill an entire hunting zone with just a machine and pk ur pt if u move close to them, then again its not like ur gonna stop the botters with removing this and the solution its not filling every zone u can with ur chars and the mmos arent made to play with an entire pt for yourself , i rather keep the restriction and have some flexibility with other people if i wanna fill the pt than flood every farming and exp zone with the chars of a very few people

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it may be a good way to stop some botters, cuz no one can bot with party of 9, and the people that uses 30 ponys in one pc also cant log that many bot chars, but its hard to see if it will be good or not to the sv.


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