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ETA for fix drop/exp?


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  • L2 Team
2 minutes ago, Teon said:

Do you have a ETA for fix drop/exp? today? tomorrow? when?



Once we verify the build has all of the changes, then we will deploy the fixes today (4/23 PDT).

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@Juji, i understand you guys are under a lot of pressure from a lot of people. i usually try to be patient but i just have to say something. the hotfix is getting very cold very fast. i have gone through almost 200k soulshots since yesterday on an alt archer plus countless spirit ore for buffs without a single adena dropping.. with current events (stay at home orders and all), those of us that have loved and played this game for years are left with little choice but to log out to avoid spending adena from main toons to continue running alts/boxes. now, we sit on our couches twiddling our thumbs wishing we could play this game. 

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