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If you're playing on LIVE, you get a system message saying  that you can only use General Chat (white chat) after you are level 89.

If you are in a clan / ally or party, or if someone initiates a private message with you, you can speak from any level.

World Chat (&) I think it's available from level 94-95.

In the LIVE servers, you should make these levels in a few hours xD

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Really... This is silly. I started playing few days ago. Got 22 lvl and couldn't type anything in chat. I received "Players 24 lvl and lower can't use chat". Okay. I increased my lvl to 25 and wanted to ask somebody to make party or go on low-level raid bosses. BUT I RECEIVED THAT MESSAGE AGAIN BUT NOW I HAVE TO BE 30 LVL AND ABOVE! I don't want to play in this game alone and I want to find party. I can't even join the clan because almost all of them ask to PM to Clan Leader but I can't because I'm 25 lvl. How to chat and how to leave at least white messages? It's not even funny to grind in solo till the 30 lvl and then miss all low-level Raid Bosses that I wanna kill.

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