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Am I playing the right one ? Is there more then one game ? Like classic and advanced. The classic says grinding like the old days but it seems im blazing through levels at ease and finding all kinds of D grade gear with no problem when that use to take DAYS to get. Also I play a buffer. Can anyone tell me if this class is still ruined by NC Softs decision to put npc buffers in game ?  Are they useful still or is there a NPC at the Gatekeeper that Buffs you to the stars for free ? I really want to play again but it seems like everyone is level 900 already and you can just speed through levels. How do I know if I downloaded Lineage Classic ? and am playing the correct version.

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The game client is the same for both LIVE and CLASSIC versions. Once you login your account you can choose which servers to login (if Chronos / Naia from LIVE, or the others bellow for CLASSIC).

But on either one of them, everyone will be level 900 already, while you're starting from 0, just fyi xD

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