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Which character to create?


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Hello, guys.
I'm new to the game and haven't found a topic that could answer my questions.
I wonder if an archer is good for farming and which one is easier to play. I would also like to know the same thing about the dagger.
Thank you very much in advance.

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Archers are generally the best/fastest farmers in the game, so it's a fine choice.  Any of them work, DE is probably a bit better, but just pick what you like.  Dagger not nearly as strong - melee in general isn't in a great spot right now it seems.  They'll still farm fine, but it will be a fair bit slower to level up.

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If we're talking about faming XP and adena, yes, archers are fine. They can be expensive to build. Having so many people play archers keeps the price of even lower grade equipment pretty high compared to melee fighter equipment.

If we're talking about farming drops, though, keep in mind that archers are ranged attackers. Most of us complain because we kill mobs from miles away and then have to go run waaaaaay over to where the dead mob is to collect the drops. It gets really annoying if you're in the open field, because the Pick Up command and auto macro both have a very limited radius. Melee fighters don't have that problem, because the mob drops dead at their feet. :D  It's not a major deal breaker, but just something to consider, if you expect to leave your toon logged in AFK overnight expecting that when you wake in the morning you'll have thousands of mats or event drops. No, more than likely you'll miss out on more drops than you pick up.

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you should also consider what you would like to play as mostly, but also, it is worth mentioning that you can take a dual class later on.

So if you have decided to go Archer, you can take a dual class that’s a Dagger. An easy solution to your decision there. Both classes share the same equipment except for the weapon mainly of course, other than that, they’re pretty similar. 

And on which race you should pick? It’s basically up to you, as they do get almost the same skills after awakening (4th class), and the minor stats later on don’t matter as much as they have used to do. 

Anyways, have fun out there. 

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