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Samanosuke    5

I have been out of the loop for a while, but is there any discussion on increasing adena drop rates and or drop rates/ mat rates/ rec rates?

Ive watched alot of videos and the only real way to make money is to do Instances with a very low chance to get full drop, watching the market place or donating massive amounts of money into the ncsoft store and sell in game items for adena.

What is the trick here because as far as i can tell you have to pay to play 100% if you dont its easy you just get newbie gear and that is as far as you get. If i am missing something please fill me in on a little tip or trick in regards to how to actually get money to do anything. 3 days of farming and only up to 40 mill Aden lol 1 armor set over 2 to 3 bill its a joke. It sounds to me like NCSoft may need to come up with a new business model and contemplate caring for its player base. Though we all know not going to happen, but we can still have hopes and dreams that one day they will make this game great again! I think it is just funny they cut the drops to crap and banned many bots back in the day only to succumb to the afk farming with out giving any type of advantages to players for actually playing the game. Just watch your character macro farm and pay..... would rather pay a $15.00 a month subscription to play a game that doesn't soly rely on our wallets.

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xmot    25

Fishing is probably the only thing you can do as a newer player to make adena without $.  Late game there are some spots where you can still make money, but requires a LOT of gear to get there.  Otherwise just do the quests, they'll give you gear to get to 105 or so.

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