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enhanced exalted weapon


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i recently got the enchance exalted, it looks it has good stats, but still people in IT dont want that. they prefer better someone with +8 r95 weapon 2sa 300 rather exalted. even thought that r95 has lower dmg and exalted has pve dmg?


any can explain this to me please why ?

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My guess is that they may assume you will have only free exalted/paulina gear on your character while the person with a +8 weapon will most likely also have other non-free stuff like boss jewels, abundance talisman, better dyes and such. It's not only weapon that counts.

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I have been doing IT with friends: tank (107), 2xiss (2x BR), healer, 2x yul (106, 107), dread (107)

1yul was geared Bloody R110 weapon +7, armor+6, insanity talisman, venir 18, abu lvl1, skills +6, very low skills pow % and skill crit dmg, dye +5 (STR+DEX) minimum, radiant+0, lindvior, atlas+12, creation+5, tauti, blessed valakas

1x dread (orc) was geared exalted armor, R110 weapon +6 and skills +10

1xtank was geared exalted armor, skills +10

Others were all exalted. This was really short to finish 150/150 but we did it, luckly some half crits from yuls in early HP helped a lot.

If full exalted gear runs into IT, except doing lots of "half-kills" you may finish with time otherwise I see it as almost impossible. People may want to be sure to finish the quest everyday instead of spliting it into 2-3 days. Prepare Roses + Santiago buffs to help.

Try to make a CP for IT this may help you out to increase your chance of getting a pt.

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i have the exalted free from lv 105 i also was able to get soul orfen, tezza, aq and baium. also bought a +8 r95 fist weapon 2sa 300 is it good? omst of the adena i had from previous characters, old ones VERY OLD but managed to make some good money. sold the mentee.

i think is not that bad to join IT or is the enhanced exalted better than my +8 weapon ? idk where to try dps


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An exalted (enhance) only party cannot finish this in a day. I personally got tired of all the 'link weapon' guys, so I got some friends with exalted too, and we split the quest in two days. It's so rare that someone who can solo the 150 mobs in 10 minutes, won't party you for the q items no matter what. Well, I know it's not all of them, you'll just struggle to get 1 or 2 among them that do really care...

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