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New Seed Bracelets Trade for new Zodiac Agathion Charm

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Evandropp    0

Few months ago i spent a lot of adena in my Taurus Agathion Charm Lvl 5, but now NCWest applied a new agathion system with Superior Bracelets stage 1,2,3 and 4. I`ve read in patch note as below...
...Evolved Zodiac Agathion Bracelets can be exchanged at the Dimensional Merchant NPC for Seed Bracelets (up to Super Advanced Seed Bracelet Lv. 2 for Evolved Agathion - Stage 5). However, there is a known issue on the NPC that needs to be fixed. Please stay tuned for updates on the Known Issues forum thread.
I`ve read also that it is not working for now. I think this trade could be better for us, because if I change my Evolved Agathion lvl 5 for Superior Bracelet Stage 2, I will have also 2 subslots and I will lose my BR skill from Evolved Taurus lvl 5. Maybe this trade could be fairer:
- Superior Stage 1 for everybody that have Evolved Agation lvl 1;
- Superior Stage 2 for everybody that have Evolved Agation lvl 2, 3 or 4;
- Superior Stage 3 for everybody that have Evolved Agathion lvl 5.
I think it is fairer since NCWest implemented 3 agathion systems last yera on its servers.

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