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ok, since your are checking the chances on things enlighten us and clarify what you can get out of the toi reward boxes since the description on your site and ingame is not the same.

chances of combining two lvl one dolls since it changed with this update (low or very low is not enough of a description) 

and also is it changed so it is lower chance now to get advanced stable ewa than before or same as it was?

you never know nowadays one event u get essence weapons with a totaly different matk than this version and the next maintenance it has changed to something else and no explanations at all.

Make sure u check the rewards for loot boxes and stuff from now on,

It count's as false advertising  what you are doing now with the boxes you sell (blizzard,heart, etc) 




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40 minutes ago, Juji said:

The Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A-grade) was the original item that we had listed with the Aden's Greater Treasure Chest rewards. It has the same drop chance as the Agathion Soulstone (value is roughly 10,000,000 Adena) that was incorrectly added to the chest rewards.

When I looked at the chances to obtain the Stable/Advanced Stable A-grade Enchant Scrolls from the same chest, the drop chances were actually higher than the normal scroll as Dev set the Adena value on the high-grade versions lower than normal. The quantity of the Stable Scroll Enchant Weapon (A-grade) on the server is now almost as high as the normal scroll since the event started.


If you have 

1 Agathion Soulstone -> ewa

2 -> sewa

3 -> asewa

4 -> asews

5 -> armor pack s

6 -> "reward"

7 -> "reward"


Just a idea...


Bcoz I have 4.

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