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Aden Tour Boss Loot Drops: Mostly Pots, Scrolls, Coins and Cakes? Are You Kidding Me?!?

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Please reconsider the awards and/or recalibrate the probability algorithm for the Aden Tour game.

I'm all for a tough challenge and a fun high risk/reqard game. This is neither. If you're lucky enough to defeat the Boss, shouldn't the prize reflect something more rare than Freya or Nevit pots, coins, cakes, gemstones, spirit stones,  and other stuff, which anyone gets almost as free as air without even playing the game?

Every year we complain about content that never makes it into players hands because the game is TOO strict when it comes to awards, enchant rates, etc. Don't you want to see a server full of people with the new appearances that you get from the Appearance Stone Exchange Ticket, instead of a Dark Weapon Enhancement stone that have been dropping in just about every event since Dark/Bloody was introduced? Or maybe have others thrilled because they got the Sealed Talisman - Heaven or a Dragon jewel, instead of a single Gemstone (R)? It's not like the game will break if the top awards drop more often. 

I get that it's a free game and no one is forcing me to play, but since we are here and we are playing, why not make it worth our while? You have a captive audience, but ppl are starting to walk away thinking you are little more than a third-rate carnival barker who can't deliver on truly great prizes, or really fun entertainment. This is OUR anniversary, after all. Try to make it a better one than it has been thus far.

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It is free ;)

From over 5000 dices that all my friend ingame I know of no one good anything except those items you have been telling (XP material).

Seems some people are more lucky than others. So far, I could mate it until Race 5 with one character without buying new dices.

If you took the opportunity to buy the 7 day Maintenance Rune you can at least benefit your XP with supplement scrolls etc.

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got 10 dice

and row

2-3-1-2-2-3-2-1-2-jail- (row bigger then 4)-got 2

my luck :)

when you people learn..this events are made for those who spend $ alots...not people like us.

i dont mind if they make events for $ , but at least 1% of players give them a hope..

now is this event..make a photo with yourself where do you like the most.

and you will get a +16 krishna weapon of your choise.

the winner will be one who already has a weapon, one from max, from drahonhunters...one who they decide..

the rest will get a freya rose :) or nothing..



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On 30.04.2020 at 9:08 PM, Nymphadorae said:

I'm starting to think that even if these events gave dragon weapons stage 1 to everyone, people would still complain o.O "stage 1 is useless, why you make such free events?" :D

Please, give 3rd stage to people just for 14 days... I want to see that chaos. 

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