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How many time we need to wait to fixed this problem ???
Eviserator have the half of attack speed. for months. 
Make 1 2 3 hit.. and take a break ( maybe 1 coffe) and 1 2 3 hit again... full time,  I dont know if others class have the same problem.
but really... MONTHS with the same problem... only work after server restart wednesday for 1 or 2 hours.... but.. all the time, until the other wednesday are broken.... 

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I have this same problem with my evi.

I made simple test before and after server restart. I attacked NPC for 15s and counted hits:

- Day before restart I hit about 40 times in 15s

- 1h after server restart I hit about 80 times in 15s

So for most of the time melee class is hitting 50% slower than should !

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Noticed it as well. 

Before the hot rate was usually seen, as if the character was always in the mode of hitting, but I might be wrong, where it was patched and they nerfed if overall. (only seen with fist weapon I guess)

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