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Bandwidth and Server

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I may be wrong , but....

There are far less players now than before over the years, as with all games, yet server capacity, processing power, and bandwidth available today are magnitudes faster and larger.

why is it given how much revenue NCsoft make 8 billion dollars per year total roughly, there is a que system now in place to play. surly you could resolve this bandwidth / server problem and make the game more appealing again to the masses, given that all in all we have all been playing this great game give or take a few bad updates (tank point of view) for up to 16 years.

give Linage2 some love!

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Harperz    28

We saw some external network issues outside of the US yesterday when there were mass disconnections from the servers for multiple games. The Live servers have also been at max capacity for the last few months due to the global pandemic and some recent changes to the mentee system, which were adjusted during last week's update. Increasing the server capacity is not an option at this time as we have seen server instability (crashes) when the max capacity has been increased by 100 players. We are working on some alternative methods to help alleviate the queue and latency issues.

thats what juji said

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