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Whats the best 3 chars combination for farming?

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For mediocre gear i used the following setup. I am very satisfied.

1. Puller / crowd control / Tank

Main Tank (TK or HK) - good def and aura pulls a spot ezily, w/o any spam.

Dual Dread - fast with lots of stuns and huge pulling power (i use in PI or plunderous plains)

2. Buffer ( with a libra agathion, the old one with the balance skill, buffer becomes semi healer in common regions)

Main Domi - very versatile in and out of party

Dual Hiero (max dps) or SwM (Mp issues + def buffs)

3. DD

Feoh or yull ?

I use feoh and am very satisfied with that setup.

Yull atm is stronger with top items cause of high skill crit rate.

Feoh mana shield helps if u have def prob. Also snare is useful in many cases.

Hope I helped.

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Two combos that work best for us so far is:

Tyrr Dread

ISS Spectral Dancer

Yul Ghost or Moon for high crits and speed


Tank - TK

ISS Doomcryer

Yul Ghost or Moon


You can put anyone in and just speeds up the kill rate but I have seen both group survive trains being dropped on because of vamp rage and damage output.

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Depends on what do want to farm and your boost..

Best farm bundle is 2 dd + 1 iss (I prefer Warc with all the time Bison).

For example:


1st dd - sph with crowd control

2nd dd - yul as puller


2nd dd - tyrr as puller


Example for fat mobs:

1st dd - evi (maestro)

2nd dd - knife/SK/DA


Don't forget also 2 archers and 1 sph, 3 summoners, etc.




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