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Good Afternoon,

I decided to reroll to a Sigel Pheonix Knight.

I am a returning player that has not played live for a long time. Normally you would assume that you want to get a weapon first but since i am a tank and there are so many new things in the game with all the accessories, runes, braclets, jewels all that crazyness. As a tank in noobie gear is there something that should be first and formost when looking to start gearing out?

any suggestions would be amazing.

Also obviously i am a Noob tank or else this would be the last question, but figured i would give it a shot.

Thank you

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1 hour ago, Free2play said:

Hello @Samanosuke and welcome bak! In order to help you more efficinetly you have to define two things first. What is your Budget ( Adena ) and what are your goals ( PVE - PVP - Sieges ) . Then we can focus to your needs :) 

my suggestion is to finish tarti quest line. take all the freebies and then check what he can upgrade

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Tanks soul purpose is to take a licking and keep on ticking. You drop, the party drops. That being said +8 or Higher Bloody Armor. R99 is good for most things you will get to tank, but if somehow you can get your hands on some R110 then go for it. Tank weapon is a luxury that has meaning only in PvP or if you find yourself trying to lvl solo. Other than that, get a  sword with the lvl of your choice and put HP crystals on it. Max HP for a tank is 150k, although there are some items that can take you over the max(which doesn't make since if there is suppose to be a max). Your purpose is to survive and control. So anything Defensive is what you're looking for and it all starts with that first set of Armor.

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