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Client Lag more than 10 seconds delays

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Hi all, 


Just was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same as me.

I have 3 clients on, and one of them is always lagging extremely, like 10 second or more delay in chat, movement etc.

The other 2 clients run perfectly fine in town and farming areas.

Any idea what kind of dark sorcery this is and how can it be amended?


Thanks in advance, 


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3 minutes ago, Harperz said:

i had the same issue with one account of 3. when you switch to character selection and back to game, it was gone

Aint fixing the issue for me... still weird and the delay is indeed insane...

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Huge lag 

Screen freezing

Random disconnection all the time

I don't have 1 char logged in that another one falls

impossible to play

but my prestige the time does not stop

this all after the new att

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